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The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton.

Rating: 8/10

The current Waterstones Book of the Month for July, AND based in Amsterdam, my interest was peaked, so I decided to pick up this book and I loved it!

Set in 1686, this is a historical novel with a bit of a twist. Eighteen year old Nella is sent to live with her new husband - a wealthy merchant with a secretive life. When her husband gives her a miniature version of their Amsterdam home as a wedding gift, Nella sets about furnishing it. But the Miniaturist that she commissions is very accurate… spookily accurate. 

A beautifully written book, I found myself transported back into seventeenth century Amsterdam and wrapped up in the Brandt’s mysterious life. This is one of those stories that you look forward to getting lost in. I can certainly see why it was chosen as Waterstones Book of the Month.

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The struggle between wanting to savor every page of a good book because you don’t want it to end and wanting to quickly finish it because you want to know what happens

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